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    We have experience in developing and delivering customized training solutions for workforces of all industries and sizes. None too niche, too big, or too small.
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  • A full suite of graphics and layout services.

    Have programs developed, but need to make them training-ready? We can help with layout, formatting, design, printing, or eLearning modification to take make your training programs ready for your workforce.
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  • eLearning for a digital workforce

    We can help you overcome the limitations of the digital environment with custom-built eLearning modules.
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Impact Group Training

Have you ever thought about how your organization trains new employees or provides ongoing training for existing employees? Good training materials are invaluable and ensure that everyone receives the same information with nothing left to guesswork.

For Employers...

They provide a way to make sure new employees have the necessary information and skills needed to succeed at their job.

For Employees...

Up-to-date and thorough training materials are a good point of reference later. Nothing creates a barrier to learning new material faster than poorly designed or printed materials.

For Trainers...

Great training materials will provide real support to the person doing the training and the employees receiving it.

Impact Group Training has the background and expertise in educational technology and instructional design to help custom-design and deliver the training materials you need.

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We’ve been fortunate to develop and deliver training solutions to the following organizations:

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