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Monday, April 22, 2024

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You can’t underestimate the value of well-designed custom-printed training materials with quality visuals and graphics. They engage learners, help them process information faster, and improve comprehension and retention. High-quality printed materials that feature your program’s branding also reinforce your professionalism.

Professional training materials enable you to make a positive first impression. At Impact Group Training, we are passionate about supporting trainers and consultants with the custom-printed materials they need to make their training programs stand out. Our goal is to ensure trainers are prepared and confident before getting in front of a classroom.

Types of Custom-Printed Materials for Training and Learning Programs

At Impact Group Training, we create and produce a wide range of custom-printed materials, many that are ideally suited for the learning and development industry. We also provide graphic design services if needed.

· Presentations – Stunning presentations reinforce your program’s key points and serve as visual aids to capture your learner’s attention.

· Workbooks – Workbooks are an effective way for learners to stay on track and take notes throughout the training program. They also provide supplemental information they can take with them and refer to after the course.

· Handouts – Quality graphics and handouts are a great solution to highlight key points.

· Resource Guides – If you need to distribute a lot of information in an organized manner, resource guides with customized tabs are a valuable supporting material.

· Manuals – Manuals are often needed for training programs that cover technical topics. We print high-quality custom manuals with multiple binding options to meet your needs.

· Branded Merchandise – If you’re looking to market your program to other potential learners, branded merchandise may be your answer. We offer many branding options including notepads, magnets, water bottles, stickers, etc.

Print-On-Demand: The Perfect Choice for Training Programs

Today, most training programs don’t need to print their materials in large bulk orders. That’s why Impact Group Training offers print-on-demand services. These services allow you to order your custom-printed materials in whatever quantity you need while ensuring that your training materials are always up to date with any changes.

Take Your Training Materials to the Next Level

Impact Group Training offers training companies and consultants customized design, printing, and logistics services for creating and distributing training materials. Our experienced account managers will walk you through your options and provide recommendations based on your scope, budget, and timeline. We will bring your vision to life and create top-quality print materials to complement your next training program! Contact us today for estimates and FREE print samples.




Impact Group Training

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