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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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After choosing the best method to deliver your training content, the next step is to think about logistics. You need to consider several points – from sharing the content to tracking the progress. Let’s look at four important logistic factors to keep in mind for your next employee training.

1. How should you share your training content with your employees?

There’s a significant range of options available, so it’s essential to choose the one that works best for your company and employees. A blended training solution is ideal because it combines live training, eLearning methods, and performance support for on-the-job training.

2. How do you get employees to participate in the training?

A training program is only effective if your employees actively participate in it. That’s why employees need to understand how the training will benefit them. Which of the following factors are most important to your learners?

  • Less day-to-day stress
  • Growth opportunities
  • Techniques and tools to do their job better
  • Improved performance

You can use incentives and countdowns to create enthusiasm for a new training program.

3. Do you need to provide training in more than one language?

In how many languages will your training program be delivered? Your answer affects how the training is designed and developed. If your organization or company is global, it’s crucial to provide multi-lingual options. To ensure your message isn’t ‘lost in translation,’ you may need to go beyond direct translation and incorporate ‘localization’ into your translating efforts. The goal is to make sure your message is clear to all your employees.

4. How can you track training results?

Unfortunately, most training programs fail at this point. Think back to your original goals – what did you want to accomplish with the training program? What metric can you track before, during, and after the training program?

Most training initiatives stop at the question, “What did you think of the training program?” While it’s good to know the answer to this question, you need to dig a little deeper. It’s more powerful to understand one’s performance before training – and how their performance changed due to the training.

Here are a few ways to effectively track employee training progress:

  • Tracking tools
  • Performance reviews
  • Observe employees on the job
  • Supervisor feedback and reports
  • Informal feedback from managers and fellow employees

If you want an effective training program that maintains its relevance throughout the years, it’s essential to develop your training continually. That includes adjusting the design and delivery as you test and measure its performance.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to implement an employee training strategy that positively impacts your company’s bottom line, increases employee performance, and provides a valuable ROI, contact Impact Group Training today. Our team has the background and expertise in educational technology and instructional design to help custom-design and deliver the training materials you need.

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