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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Why Instructional Design Matters in eLearning

Instructional Design (ID) is a powerful tool and an essential feature of eLearning. Without it, eLearning would just be words on a screen. ID is the development of instructional materials and experiences that help learners of all ages acquire new knowledge and skills – and then apply this information on the job. In ID, there are processes for developing materials and evaluating their effectiveness.

In today’s workplace, eLearning is a common delivery method for training. Instructional Designers create engaging and effective training materials that deliver a better learning experience for participants.

This article explores three reasons Instructional Design is essential to eLearning.

1. Instructional Design Engages Learners

Instructional Design focuses on engaging learners. ID makes learning interactive by incorporating activities relevant, valuable, and compelling activities. Since many eLearning courses and online training programs don’t use an instructor or facilitator to guide learners through the content, the course needs to stand alone and provide everything learners need. Solid ID ensures the learners’ needs are met without the presence of an instructor. Experienced Instructional Designers know how to streamline information to make it easier to learn.

2. Instructional Design Helps Learners Retain Information – and Apply It on the Job

Though learner engagement is essential, the ultimate goal of most training courses is for learners to apply the new information on the job. ID helps learners retain information so they can accomplish this goal. Research shows that the brain retains and recalls information better when it’s presented through charts, infographics, and images than through text. So, including visual graphics like these in your eLearning course will profoundly impact learners’ retaining ability.

3. Instructional Design Impacts the Bottom Line

Instructional Design helps you present vital information in an engaging and memorable way. This ensures your eLearning course is more efficient, which results in less wasted time. In business, time is money – making your training course a valuable investment.

Final Thoughts

An effective eLearning course is interactive, engaging, and impacts learners so they can retain valuable information. Instructional Design is the tool to help you accomplish all this – and more! At Impact Group Training, we have extensive experience in instructional design, eLearning development, and graphic design. Our experts can work with you to create training materials that are appealing and functional. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can make your training ideas a reality!

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